Property management

The Artur Caesar Behrendt company has actively managed rental buildings like offices and commercial spaces for decades, and has an extensive inventory of extra units.

As our employees regularly take part in courses and seminars organised by the RDM (“Ring deutscher Makler” – German Association of Estate Agents) they are familiar with the most up-to-date developments and trends in the property and management sectors and are, therefore, expert partners at your side for the personalised management of your property.

The management of your property according to your personal wishes and requirements is at the heart of our company philosophy, along with our professional expertise that we have gained through our extensive experience.

In the following sections we will look at our services that are most frequently sought after in real estate, rental housing and residential property management.

Commercial property management


  • Establishment of a clear, correct and commercial bookkeeping system
  • Management of housing, wage and social cost accounts
  • Management of maintenance accounts
  • Entering rental income, expenses and all other bank transactions in the books
  • Payment of invoices taking into account discounts and rebates
  • Checking invoices for factual and computational correctness
  • Settlement of ancillary costs with tenants
  • Recalculating advanced ancillary costs payments
  • Creating a revenue/expenses report for the owner
  • Creating annual statements, preparation for tax declaration


  • Calculating the basic rent, ancillary costs and rental deposit
  • Calculating and implementing rent increases based on the tenancy provisions
  • Monthly reminder for defaulting tenants
  • Creating the final invoice for ancillary costs at the time of contract termination

Technical property management

General areas

  • Monitoring the structural condition of properties through regular inspections
  • Preparing a maintenance plan
  • Calculating the costs for maintenance and modernisation measures
  • Obtaining cost estimates
  • Negotiating prices, contracting and supervising work
  • Employing a caretaker and other service providers by arrangement
  • Concluding maintenance contracts and monitoring work

Special areas

  • Implementing immediate measures as well as immediate damage notification to insurers in emergency situations such as pipe bursts and water, storm or fire damage
  • Clarifying the cause (e.g. damage caused by tenants, neighbours or other third parties)
  • Quick order placement to repair damages
  • Conducting price negotiations and monitoring execution

Legal administration

  • Creating rental contracts in compliance with the current legal provisions and legislation
  • Creating house regulations
  • Creating a cleaning plan for the communal areas and monitoring the regular execution of this
  • Representing property owners in legal proceedings in the name of and for the account of the owner
  • Carrying out actions as the authorised representative
  • Bringing legal action against defaulting tenants
  • Compliance with all commercial and legal requirements
  • Implementation of rental increases taking into account the legal requirements
  • Checking rental agreements (renovation periods, house regulations etc.) and instigating legal measures if required

Service / Other


  • Creation and proper storage of all administrative documents, insurance policies and maintenance contracts
  • Keeping ready drawings, inspection books, security documents etc.
  • Creating lease contracts, service contracts etc. according to the client’s specifications
  • Making copies and sending documents (postage, travel and telephone costs are not invoiced separately.)


  • Consulting the property owner on management measures as well as informing them of the current legal provisions
  • Advising the owner in the case of financing and debt restructuring questions
  • Calculating the financing of modernisation, renovation and value improvement measures
  • Implementing guarantees against actual expense allowances
  • Otherwise commissioning of the property management team against expense allowances to be agreed


We differentiate between “basic services” and “additional services”. The basic services to be provided by our property management team are covered by the contractually agreed management fees. Separately agreed upon additional services will be charged separately. The arrangements covered in the contracts for both sets of services are based exclusively on your wishes.


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We have successfully sold, mediated and managed property in Berlin & the surrounding areas for over 130 years.